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We all have things we want to improve about ourselves whether it is our appearance, our demeanor or our confidence. And it seems that around the end of one year and on the eve of a new one, we can’t help but consider the things we wish we’d done differently and those we wish we’d done more of. New Year’s celebrations bring about a sense of possibility in our lives going forward. But what do we actually accomplish?

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Set a goal

Making resolutions or promises to yourself is certainly a start. It sets a definite goal to strive for. But making a list of resolutions is not enough. It would be like writing a long wish list to Santa without tempering your behavior to make sure you end up on the Nice List – futile. Here a Fashion Focus, our private lessons students come to us with specific goals in mind. Setting a goal gives you a destination but it is up to you to chart the course.

Determine the path

Once a destination is defined, we must figure out how to get from point A (where we are now) to Point B (our goal or destination). Usually, this is not something that can simply be done with one giant leap but rather requires a series of baby steps. For many of our private lessons students, this is the core reason they continue to return; we help determine which steps will get them from A to B in priority order.

woman putting makeup on a girl

Take the first step

Ultimately though, all the planning in the world can’t compare to taking action. Often, taking the first step is difficult but we are here to hold your hand. We can’t (and won’t) do the work for you, but for those students seeking some extra guidance to reach their goals, private lessons are a great way to be held accountable and ensure action is taken on the resolutions you make this year.


What kind of success have we seen in private lessons?

When Mrs. Moran’s teenage daughter was diagnosed with an executive function disorder affecting her academically and socially and causing her confidence to plummet, she signed up from private lessons. Below read what Mrs. Moran had to say:

Through one on one mentoring with Maria and the Teen II & classes at Fashion Focus, [my daughter] was able to identify her strengths. You empowered her to believe in herself. You provided a foundation of knowledge and skill which allowed her to appear strong and confident to others.

In the Fashion Focus classes, [my daughter] learned grooming and styling skills to project a confident appearance. She learned the importance of poise and posture in a professional setting. [My daughter] learned about social skills, interviewing skills and public speaking as well as general health and lifestyle choices. These skills were critically important in helping her achieve her personal goals.

In May of 2015, [my daughter] landed her first modeling contract. Equally if not more important, she scored the strongest marks possible in her interview for the National Honor Society and was inducted April 8, 2016. I have no doubt she will continue to use these skills as she works through the college planning process and beyond.

My daughter is happy and confident again, as a mom that is my greatest comfort. Thanks again for your help and support.

All my best,

J. Moran 

In the past year we’ve also helped three private lessons students achieve their dreams of getting signed by top Boston agencies, one to begin her paid public speaking career and others to compete at a national level in some of the top pageants. But it’s not just the ‘highlight reel’ that excites us. Many others have gone on to improve their confidence at school, at work and among their peers.

May you shine brightly this New Year!

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