Marvelous Madi’s Moment


You may have heard of the Marvelous Madison Phillips and the event she held at the Fashion Focus Program studio last week. If not, we’re not sure how, as she was featured in South Shore Living magazine, The Pembroke Express (three times!) 1, 2, 3 and had Facebook buzzing! We’re also expecting to see some upcoming stories from the night from all of the local press that attended.

Madison Phillips aka Madi Rose, is a public speaker with aspirations of becoming a professional model and actress. She attends classes at Massasoit Community College and has her driver’s permit. She also, so happens to have Down Syndrome, but she doesn’t even count that as one of the most interesting things about her.

Madi’s message is that she’s just like you! Madison is fearlessly working, in private lessons with Maria Wood, to achieve her dreams. Along the way, she hopes that her message of equality and ability will inspire others to reach for their dreams too.

See Madison’s public service announcement below and like her Facebook page to show your support for this young woman’s fearless efforts.

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