Who Do You Love This Valentine’s Day?

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We have 5 very special reasons to celebrate this Valentine’s Day! We’re in LOVE with our staff! Some of them are long-serving Fashion Focus veterans and others are brand new but regardless, we love them all!

First of all, please welcome Allie as you see her about the FF studio. Allie is our newest instructor and a Maggie, Inc. model. She is an all-around sweetheart, adding her warmth and positivity to every class she instructs.

Samantha Gustin and Sarah Busby are longtime Fashion Focus students now turned assistant instructors. Their youthful vibes and knowledge of the program really help some of our youngest girls connect to the material in ways that will be useful to them in their daily lives.

Hailey McDonough splits her time between Fashion Focus Program and helping intellectually disabled adults at Road to Responsibility – her compassion truly knows no bounds. Hailey will be instructing all of our Saturday classes for Spring Program 2017.

Brit Lawrence is what Maria likes to call “the wizard behind the curtain.” Brit is the Marketing and Programs director for Fashion Focus, helping to get the word out about our awesome program, all over the South Shore.

Without these girls, Fashion Focus wouldn’t be able to serve all of the many young lives that we do, all around New England. The energy and creativity they bring cannot be overstated.

Please join me in celebrating our Fashion Focus Valentines!

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