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Allie Fitzpatrick, our lead instructor at Fashion Focus, recently did a Facebook Live telling us a little about herself and why she believes in the Fashion Focus Program. (Watch the video below). Allie, who is also a plus-size model in Boston, joined Fashion Focus in January. She explains that one of the reasons the Fashion Focus Program hits home with her is because she loves to spread their message about body positivity, being comfortable in your own skin, and being happy with who you are. It’s what she does as a plus-size model. “It wasn’t always easy growing up the size that I am, so I’m happy to share my story with the awesome girls who come in here. I know we’re not always comfortable with who we are and what we look like, so I want to spread my message to them.”

There are a few misconceptions about Fashion Focus that Allie clears up in the video. Some people believe it’s just a modeling school and that it’s all about fashion — i.e., fashion is the focus. “That’s so not it” says Allie. “We believe in full blown empowerment for young girls. We use the runway as a tool for confidence, for girls to learn how to use their presence, especially going back to school. We want to make it easier for girls to walk through the halls with all the confidence in the world.”

Another skill the girls learn is to be able to take things that people might say and not internalize them. “We want them to love themselves for who they are.”

By using the runway, girls are encouraged to walk with a purpose — like they’re heading somewhere. “We teach the girls to keep their heads up, chin level to the ground. And smile — that’s the most important thing.”

“We talk about skincare. We talk about bullies. We talk about etiquette. It’s really just a full course in learning to understand your inner self and loving yourself,” says Allie.  “We talk about the outside too because when we feel good on the outside, we feel good on the inside. But it’s not all about the outside.”

Why does Allie believe in Fashion Focus?  “I went to a program like this when I was younger and it really changed my life. That’s why I whole-heartedly believe in this program. The girls who walk in here on the first day are not the same girls who walk out. It’s truly a wonderful experience to see these girls really take a good look at themselves and love what they see.”

The Fashion Focus Fall Program begins on September 11th, for girls ages 5-18. The first class, on skincare, is complimentary for those who want to check out the program. Bring a friend! To RSVP, call 781-826-0241.

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Fashion Focus is a unique program designed to help girls discover and embrace their beautiful and undeniable potential!

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