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Looking for a fun field trip or guest speaker for your next Girl Scout meeting? Need to put in some hours to earn a certain badge? Look no further than Fashion Focus! Much of the curriculum at Fashion Focus is perfectly suited for Girl Scouts of all ages and we can customize the field trip to fit your troops specific needs. If your troop is too large to organize a road trip, we’ll come to you! And we promise the price won’t drain your Girl Scout Fund.*

Fashion Focus has partnered with The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts to create two experiences specifically designed to address important issues facing our young women today.  

“Confident in Your Own Skin”:

  • In our discussion of First impressions and Social Confidence, the conversation will cover the importance of eye contact and positive body language when meeting people and making friends, how girls today stand up for themselves against bullies, issues with unrealistic media images in society and confidence-building techniques that can be used in the real world.
  • Program will be based upon Fashion Focus Program’s curriculum for the First Impressions & Social Confidence and Skincare classes
  • Each participant will learn how to care for their own unique skin type while treating her face to the ultimate spa treatments including facial saunas and clay masks complete with cooling cucumber eye covers.
  • The girls will also learn modern modeling techniques which are used in class as a tool to reinforce the importance of posture and presentation.
  • Fashion Focus will provide each participant with a patch to signify their participation at the conclusion of the program.

“Polished, Put-Together and Proud”:

In this follow-up “Confident in Your Own Skin,” our premiere program designed exclusively for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, girls learn how outer beauty and inner beauty are related. We explore how our choices in things like dress, personal hygiene, makeup and how we hold ourselves can influence how others receive us. And of course while styles vary with individual taste, we discuss that it is ultimately how you treat others that helps to define your inner character.

  • Each participant will learn:
  • o How to dress appropriately for a variety of occasions
  • o skin care practices for individual skin types
  • o personal hygiene and grooming advice
  • The older group of girls will also learn if and when makeup is appropriate, how to use it sparingly to subtly enhance their own beauty.
  • In the discussion of “Polished, Put-Together and Proud” the conversation will cover the importance of outward appearance in making a positive first impression, how to dress for success in any situation and how to avoid common wardrobe pitfalls. The girls will also discuss the importance of good personal hygiene for their personal well-being as well as their self-esteem.
  • The older group of girls will explore first impressions in a school or job interview setting and what factors they should consider regarding making a memorable and positive impact

Overall this program is designed to make girls feel confident and prepared for any situation and to look the part as well.

For further details and availability, please contact Maria Wood at 781-826-0241.

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