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Summer Program weeks at Fashion Focus offer the chance for girls who are otherwise unable to attend Fashion Focus, the chance to ‘sprint’ through much of the Spring/Fall Program curriculum in an action-packed week of activities and fun!

Who is the Fashion Focus Summer Program for?

Fashion Focus is for every girl. At our Fashion Focus Pembroke studio, we believe everyone is beautiful and deserves to live life confidently. Some of us, embrace confidence with gusto and others find it to be more of a struggle to remain consistently confident. Regardless of which category you belong to, we have a space for you at Fashion Focus!

Often the girls who attend our summer sessions are girls whose schedules are too full during the school year to add in another after school activity or girls who live too far away to make traveling to Pembroke for 12 consecutive weeks (except during school vacations) practical.

What is the Summer Program all about?

In our Summer Program, we give girls the platform (or runway) to step out of their comfort zone and do something that makes them feel proud of themselves. The program is based on the Spring/Fall curriculum and is comprised of girls from all over the South Shore, giving everyone the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Our week-long Summer Programs run twice during the summer. Each week consists of new girls but features the same curriculum.

What do the girls do?

Topics are covered in varying degrees of depth and perspective depending on age range. The topics include: social icebreakers, DIY skincare masks, manners, runway, personal style, defining personal goals, personal grooming, poise posture and confidence, social etiquette, introduction to acting as a profession, hair care, inner beauty and virtues, positive body image, nail workshop, public speaking and MUCH more!

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What do other parents have to say about the program?

Fashion Focus has helped my daughter Julia focus on what makes her personally look and feel good. The program helped her effortlessly realize who she is. Thank you for the fabulous message you send at Fashion Focus!

– Kathy Behm, Marshfield

Fashion Focus improved my daughter’s self esteem in such a positive way! She never complained about going to class, and she happily agreed to do each show offered. Last year, that would have never happened. She is taking care of herself better, and I am so thankful that she was treated so well, and had genuine compliments directed towards her as it helped her so much.

– Sareta Jorgensen, Marshfield

I love the re-enforcement of the values we teach at home; respecting others, poise, self esteem & confidence. Your program makes my daughter well rounded & aware of herself as well as others.

– Kerri Willis, Hanson

It’s been many years, but my girls still derive so many benefits from the courses they took at Fashion Focus! Aimee is now a junior at Lasalle College, majoring in Public Relations and Communications. Sabrina is a junior at Blue Hills Regional. Her focus is in the visual arts: animation, cartooning, and storyboarding. Many of their talents were strongly influenced by all they learned with you. From poise to confidence, from body posturing to social graces, they owe much to Fashion Focus. Thank you for all you did to enrich their lives!

– Sandra Goldstein, Canton

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to encourage and support my daughter Grace..

In the Fashion Focus classes, Grace learned skills were critically important in helping her achieve her personal goals. In May of 2015 Grace scored the strongest marks possible in her interview for the National Honor Society and was inducted April 8, 2016.

My daughter is happy and confident again, as a mom that is my greatest comfort. Thanks again for your help and support.

– Jennifer Moran, Westport

I just wanted to send a most heartfelt thank you, to you. Tess has thoroughly enjoyed her time in your program. She has just begun her journey in finding her confidence and truly defining herself. I feel so fortunate that there is a wonderful program called Fashion Focus to help guide and support her in her journey.

– Melanie Kelly, Hanover

“Your entire staff is courteous, talented and energetic, but most importantly, attentive to the needs of every student. While always believing in the best that an individual can be, your program pledges to celebrate value, beauty, and the necessity to make good choices in your life while respecting one another in our world today. The Fashion Focus Program continues to inspire the lives of young girls within the South Shore area and I feel very fortunate to have your talents and program within our community.”

– B. Myette, Hanover, MA

“Thank you Maria for another semester of your dedication to our girls. The confidence, poise and fun you have instilled for my daughter, and all of your students is priceless and so appreciated. Fashion Focus is a safe haven for the girls, a place they can feel their best. My daughter and I look forward to many more years with you and the wonderful staff. Thank you!”

– J. Morgan, Hanover, MA

What do students have to say about the program?

I can’t thank you enough for all of the experience and confidence you have instilled in me. I also want to share with you my sincere gratitude for all of the opportunities you have given me, and the knowledge you have imparted in me over the years. You have helped to mold and shape me into the person I am and I’ll never forget how much you’ve helped me over the years. I will always be grateful to you.

– Aliya Pasquale

“You will not find a better program to help your child or yourself find great friends, great life lessons, and a wonderful new appreciation for yourself and your own beauty. I cannot thank Fashion Focus enough for how it changed my life and my perspective on myself. Try it out, you will not regret it.”

Caroline Rohan, Norwell, MA

“It is the perfect environment for girls of all ages who are struggling to find the confidence to believe in themselves.”

A. Viscariello, Plymouth, MA

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Fashion Focus is a unique program designed to help girls discover and embrace their beautiful and undeniable potential!

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