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Summer Program Weeks 2018 Coming Soon!

Summer Program weeks at Fashion Focus offer the chance for girls who are otherwise unable to attend Fashion Focus, the chance to ‘sprint’ through much of the Spring/Fall Program curriculum in an action-packed week of activities and fun!

Who is the Fashion Focus Summer Program for?

Fashion Focus is for every girl. At our Fashion Focus Pembroke studio, we believe everyone is beautiful and deserves to live life confidently. Some of us, embrace confidence with gusto and others find it to be more of a struggle to remain consistently confident. Regardless of which category you belong to, we have a space for you at Fashion Focus!

Often the girls who attend our summer sessions are girls whose schedules are too full during the school year to add in another after school activity or girls who live too far away to make traveling to Pembroke for 12 consecutive weeks (except during school vacations) practical.

What is the Summer Program all about?

In our Summer Program, we give girls the platform (or runway) to step out of their comfort zone and do something that makes them feel proud of themselves. The program is based on the Spring/Fall curriculum and is comprised of girls from all over the South Shore, giving everyone the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Our week-long Summer Programs run twice during the summer. Each week consists of new girls but features the same curriculum.

What do the girls do?

Topics are covered in varying degrees of depth and perspective depending on age range. The topics include: social icebreakers, DIY skincare masks, manners, runway, personal style, defining personal goals, personal grooming, poise posture and confidence, social etiquette, introduction to acting as a profession, hair care, inner beauty and virtues, positive body image, nail workshop, public speaking and MUCH more!

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Fashion Focus is a unique program designed to help girls discover and embrace their beautiful and undeniable potential!

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